About Us

When I embarked on my health journey back in 2017, I was tired of feeling tired. I hated the constant feeling of being overwhelmed and feeling uncomfortable in my mind and body. As I started to make changes, I made it my mission to seek balance this time around. Habits that helped me live a healthier lifestyle but also that made me feel good, not restricted. The weight loss turned out to be the least significant change about me. I learned how to incorporate habits and routines that made me feel whole and balanced. I learned to take care of myself and make time for my self-care. I learned that working on my mental health was even more important at times than working on my physical health. 

Through this journey, I knew that I wanted to share my learnings and life changes with others. I knew that if I could turn my life around, regardless of my circumstances, so could everyone else. The Balanced Company was born out of this desire to help others learn that making time to take care of yourself is critical if you want to live your best, happiest life. Taking time to take care of yourself extends far beyond the realm of nutrition and exercise. It extends into the depths of your subconscious, into your thoughts and feelings, and into your daily actions and behaviors. Taking care of yourself means striking the balance that feels best for you, because each person’s journey to health and happiness is unique to them. 

My mission is to support you in this journey, one snack, one meal, and one skincare routine at a time.